Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Coffee Lover's Survey

Here's a nice, light topic after my previous iTunes rant [EDIT - I deleted my 'iTunes rant' on 5/29/11] - coffee. The idea for the post came from all those email forward messages - I love the surveys with questions like what's your favorite drink, what are you wearing right now, etc - but they all sound the same. So I decided to create a new one, based on - you guessed it - coffee!

Without further ado - here's my survey, with my answers below. Post your answers in a comment, send it to friends in an email, whatever. Maybe some day it'll get forwarded back to me.

1. What roast of coffee do you normally drink?

2. What do you put in your coffee?
Cream, and a little sugar

3. Alternative coffee drink of choice? (latte, cappucino, etc)

4. Do you do flavored coffee? What's your favorite flavor?
Yes! Vanilla, caramel, or cinnamon

5. Iced Coffee?
Sometimes, if it's sweet.

6. What was the best non-flavored coffee you ever had, and where did you have it?
On vacation in Maryland. The hotel's coffee was really smooth and not too strong.

7. Best flavored coffee/coffee drink?
St. Michael's Mocha - again, in Maryland. They have really good coffee in St. Michael's.

8. Decaf, half-caf, or regular?
Usually decaf

9. Starbucks or Seattle's Best?

10. Weird coffee quirks?
I don't like it too hot. That's why I usually put milk in it.

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