Friday, February 8, 2013

Tuned In To (11)

Tuned In To is a weekly feature discussing albums I've been listening to, songs that have been stuck in my head, or artists that I've discovered, and is posted on Fridays.

So there are two really amazing songs I've encountered this week. The first is "The Devil Wears a Suit" by Kate Miller-Heidke, which I came across on Tumblr, and it simply blew me away. I love the instrumentals and the way she sings it, and the lyrics are incredible. Just - listen to it, and I guarantee you'll be as awed as I was.


The second one I came across today - as is usually the case in Physics class, my lab partner and I had no motivation to start on homework that wasn't due until Tuesday, so she started doodling song lyrics to Florence & the Machine's "Drumming Song." I listened to it on her iPod in the locker room before gym class, and it is an INCREDIBLE song. (Not really a surprise, considering it's Florence and the Machine.) I'm obsessed with it now, and you will be too.

Other than that, I've mostly been listening to "No Light, No Light", also by Florence & the Machine, which I'm singing for the school's Open Mic Night.


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  1. I used to be super into Drumming Song! Nice picks. :D