Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspire (6)

Inspire is a weekly writing prompt or writing exercise, posted on Mondays. Anyone who's interested can participate, and you're more than welcome to share what you've written by posting a link in the comments.

This week, go to something you're working on and pick a character, or, if you're not working on anything at the moment, create something new - for now, focus on creating a character. Once you have your character chosen or created, give them a choice to make. It can be something simple, like what to wear to a party, or something major, like which college to go to or which job to accept or something else significant. Or it can be something little that seems big at the time but isn't in the long run - like who to go to a dance with or what sports to sign up for. It could also be interesting to give them a choice that seems small, but has a bigger effect than they expected. These aren't instructions, just suggestions, so feel free to interpret them however you want.

Whatever you decide to do, focus on the character's thoughts and motivations. Why is the choice difficult or not difficult for them? What are the things they consider? What motivates them to make the choice they ultimately do, and are they happy with it afterwords? Use this as an opportunity to explore character and conflict and how they work together. Of course, if you use a story that you're already working on and the choice doesn't work, you can take it back out, but it might help you to get a better sense of your character. Have fun with this one, and dig as deep as you can.


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