Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just a bit of poetry :)

Poetry is how I deal with life. Happy? Write a poem. Sad? Write a poem. Angry with someone? Falling for someone? Write a poem about them. (And swear that they must never, ever see it.) I have a folder full of poems that's falling apart. And I've written poems about that, too.

So it's really surprising that none of them have ended up on my blog. I mentioned once or twice that I might post some of my writing here, and I don't know that I've ever actually done that. So, after some coaxing from one of my friends, I finally decided to post some. I'm pretty sure the internet would commit suicide if I tried to post all of the poems I've written, or even just the ones I've written recently, so here's a smallish selection of them. Any criticism is more than welcome.

Autumn Girl
Autumn girl, autumn girl
A thousand shades of oak and maroon
I am buried in your warm sweaters
And drunk on your burgundy hues.

Trolls and Devils
Monsters and ghosts
Take on familiar shapes and faces
They scare us more
If they look human.

Words still spilling from my head
And I am desperate for sleep
In fevered delirium I breathe
The findings of my soul onto paper
Desperate for escape
Not to inhabit this body of mine
Tangled tendrils of leaves and vines
That just keep going on growing
When I am desperate for sleep.

Hod My Heart
It shocks me
And amazes me
How much it terrifies me
To be holding my little fragile heart
In my own hands once more.
It's world weary
And cracked
Hanging by a silver thread -
A small treasure in my palm.

And because it's a little long to post here, here's a link to my poem I Guess, which was inspired by Tired by e.e. cummings.


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