Sunday, October 24, 2010

...I'm sorry, what?

...There's only a week left until NaNoWriMo?

I need a miracle. Because there's no other way I'm going to get done everything that I have to do before November 1 rolls around. Last year, I wasn't this nervous, or stressed - but this year, it just doesn't feel like NaNoWriMo season.

But back to the orignal dilemma - I'd like you to take a look at all of the things I have to accomplish before November 1st in order ot actually have a chance at suceeding at NaNoWriMo.

Monday - piano lessons, dance class, begin massive US History assignment, turn in English essay, finish reading section in Biology. Buy pumpkin for Halloween.

Tuesday - more Bio homework, continue massive US History assignment, start reading for English, insane amounts of Math. Begin outlining essay for Writing class that's due - GET THIS - at the end of November. My teacher assigned that and I stared at the paper for a minute and a half going, are you kidding me? DURING NANO? UGH. I may have to use some of my essay material as novel filler if I fall behind. (said grudginly) - school comes first. Pray new laptop arrives via FedEx. Begin making Halloween costume. Carve pumpkin?

Wednesday - English and Bio and Math homework, continue massive US History assignment, finish reading for English, continue outlining essay, guitar lessons. New laptop better have arrived by now - install software, transfer files. Finish Halloween costume. Carve pumpkin?

Thursday - Finish weekly English homework, more Math and Biology, begin the end of massive US History assignment, continue essay. Finish updating/getting used to new laptop. Begin huge cleaning of room. CARVE PUMPKIN.

Friday - More Math and Bio, finish Massive US History Assignment, play with new laptop, continue huge cleaning of room. I haven't carved the pumpkin by now - CARVE THE DARN THING!

Saturday - Do all weekend homework, continue cleaning room.

Sunday - Finish cleaning room, decorate writing space, (try) to enjoy Halloween. Stay up till midnight.

Then, on Monday, I have school, piano lessons, dance class, AND I promised to try and write 5k words. Actually, I'm the one who started the thread for people who wanted to write 5k words, so I'd BETTER get there.

...Yeah. HELP.

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