Monday, February 6, 2012

Inspire (3)

Inspire is a weekly writing prompt or writing exercise, posted on Mondays. Anyone who's interested can participate, and you're more than welcome to share what you've written by posting a link in the comments.

This week's prompt is to write about something strange. Write about an unfamiliar culture, an eccentric character, or an unusual event - anything out of the ordinary. Try to describe it the best you can, especially the qualities that make it so weird. Add in other character's reactions if you want. Change it around and make something you see everyday seem suddenly foreign. Show modern objects that we take for granted through the eyes of a character from the past (and try to describe the shock of seeing them in a new way that you're not used to seeing in any kind of time/dimension travel books.) Anything that you think is strange. 

Have fun with this one!

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