Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kristin Cashore Book Covers

Incase you missed my earlier post, you can read my review of Kristin Cashore's newest book, Bitterblue, here.

When I was searching for an image of Bitterblue's cover to post along with the review, I realized there are two different versions of covers for Kristin Cashore's books - the hardcover versions, which are the version I own, and what I can only assume are the covers for the paperbacks.

I have to admit I prefer the hardcover versions - I love to look at them, and as I've mentioned before Bitterblue is an especially beautiful book. But, surprisingly, I also like the slightly more modern and streamlined paperback covers. They're just as eye-catching and do just as good of a job representing the books. 

Which covers do you like better?


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